October 1986
Started as the electricity business branch of the Tomen Corporation Group (currently Toyota Tsusho Corporation)
September 1987
Started operations in the United States (Mojave project, California)
September 1988
Established the Toyo Construction Company (formerly Tomen Power Corporation; currently Eurus Energy America Corporation)
March 1993
Started operations in the United Kingdom (P&L and RYG projects, Wales)
December 1996
Started operations in Italy (IVPC project, Puglia and Campania)
April 1997
Established Tomen Power Europe B.V. (currently Eurus Energy Europe B.V.)
February 1998
Started operations in Spain (Paxareiras I and IIa projects, Galicia)
September 1998
Established Tomen Power Japan Corporation (currently Eurus Technical Service Corporation)
November 1999
Started operations in Japan (Eurus Tomamae Wind Farm, Hokkaido)
November 2001
Tomen Power Holdings Corporation spun off from Tomen Corporation to pursue its clean energy business.
October 2002
Changed name to Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation (Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated became a 50% shareholder)
March 2004
Shareholder composition changed (Tokyo Electric Power Company 60%, Tomen Corporation 40%)
December 2004
Reached total capacity of 1,000 MW
December 2005
Started operations in South Korea (Gangwon Project, Gangwon)
April 2006
Shareholder composition changed (Tokyo Electric Power Company 60%, Toyota Tsusho 40%)
May 2008
Started the Eurus Energy Group's first photovoltaic power generation project in South Korea (South-West Sunchang Photovoltaic Power Plan, Jeollabukt)
March 2011
Reached total capacity of 2,000 MW
July 2011
Started operations in Norway (Høg-Jæren EnergiPark Project, Rogaland)
August 2011
Started photovoltaic power generation project in the United States (Avenal Photovoltaic Power Plant, California)
January 2012
Shareholder composition changed (Toyota Tsusho 60%, Tokyo Electric Power Company 40%)
May 2012
Started operations in Australia (Hallett5 project, South Australia)
November 2013
Started photovoltaic power generation project in Japan (Eurus Misaki Solar Park , Osaka)
January 2015
Started operations in Uruguay (Minas project, Lavalleja)
April 2015
Eurus Energy Japan Corporation was renamed to Eurus Technical Service Corporation.
October 2016
Started operations in Finland(Kankaanpäänmäki・Mustaisneva, Southern Ostrobothnia )
November 2016
Started operations in Netherlands(Windpark Netterden, Gelderland and 6states 8projects)
January 2017
Started operations in Hawaii, USA(Waianae, Oahu Island)