Our Advantages

Working for the Development of Renewable Energies over Many Years

Since the launch of our wind energy business in the United States in 1986, we have consistently engaged in power generation through renewable energies. Eurus Energy Group’s global business development is backed up by performance in this field spanning more than a quarter of a century.

Dispersing Business Risk over Three Regions: U.S.A, Europe, and Asia/Oceania

Eurus Energy Group has locations in three regions worldwide in order to decentralize its power generation facilities, thus hedging business risks such as wind condition changes or energy policy changes in each region.

Integrated Process from Development and Construction to Operation

At Eurus Energy Group we drive forward projects utilizing our specialized and technical experience and knowhow in the three phases of business.

Focusing on Developmental/Operational Cost Reductions and Capacity Improvement

At Eurus Energy Group, we constantly work toward lowering costs by changing construction methods based on the location, designing the optimum facility depending on wind and sunlight conditions, etc. There are also permanent operation maintenance staff employed at each facility to swiftly respond to problems. In these ways, we strive for safe operations and capacity improvement for wind power generation.