Message from President

The grave concerns over energy security and global warming have been increasing the worldwide attention upon renewable energies.

Eurus Energy Holdings is a corporation owned jointly by Toyota Tsusho Corporation and the Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated, and its group is actively pursuing wind power generation projects in Japan, USA and Europe to meet the social needs for energy supply and reduction of environmental burdens. Eurus Energy Group also expanded operations into Australia in the southern hemisphere and Uruguay in South America.
By dint of abundant experience and know-how acquired over many years, Eurus Energy Group have actively pursued the photovoltaic power generation business since 2008. In Korea and the USA, Eurus Energy Group are engaged in developing the mega solar business. As for our activities in Japan, Eurus Energy Group was involved in operation of the largest domestic mega solar plant.

Eurus Energy Group will steadily perform its duties and responsibilities in line with its corporate philosophy of "Helping preserve the Earth's healthy environment through the promotion and expansion of clean energy." At the same time, Eurus Energy Group will continue endeavoring by all means to be appreciated highly by our stakeholders as an entity to set great store by the growth in harmony with the only one Earth, social credibility, good communication with local communities, and efforts to maintain and improve the mutual trust with the local people.

In passing, "Eurus" put on our corporate name means the God of East Wind appearing in the Greek mythology.

To make our efforts rewarding and successful, your support is highly solicited.

President and CEO Hideyuki Inazumi