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2017.02.02 - Eurus Date Kogane Wind Farm Start Operation

Eurus Date Kogane Wind Farm (total output capacity of 34MW)which was under construction in Date City, Hokkaido, and has been started operation this day .

This project consists of 17 wind turbines, each rated at 2MW, that is blessed with the windy conditions of Uchiura Bay, and are located in the vicinity of the existing 5 wind turbines of Eurus Date wind farm (total output capacity: 10MW).

The amount of electric power is equal to the amount of the power consumption by about 20,000 general households. The CO2 reduction effect of the project is estimated to be about 48,000tons a year.

Eurus Date Kogane Wind Farm is an add on to six wind farms Eurus already has in Hokkaido, increasing Eurus' installed wind generating capacity to 147.44 MW in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido is among the sites most favored with wind conditions, and Eurus Group will step up efforts for wind power projects in Hokkaido.

Outline of the Project 】

 【 Outline of the Project 】
 Name of the project:Eurus Date Kogane wind farm
 Location             :Minamikogane town and Kitakogane town,
                        Date city, Hokkaido
 Total output         :34MW
                       (2MW x 9 units/Japan Steel Works, Ltd.)
                       (2MW x 9 units/Hitachi, Ltd.)