Our Project

2017.06.02 - Completion Ceremony held for Eurus Kitaawaji Solar Park

Completion Ceremony for Eurus Kitaawaji Solar Park (total AC output capacity:10.5MW), which was under construction in Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture, was held on June 1st with the mayor of Awaji City, construction officials and local officials in attendance.

This Solar Power Plant was constructed on roughly 23 hectares of land which was formerly designated for sediment collection business in Ogura, Awaji City, and now has installed about 51,000 Kyocera's photovoltaic modules. This facility will be our group’s second solar power plant on Awaji Island.

The solar park has been in commercial operation since May 19, and this project is expected to provide enough electricity to supply about 4,000 general households, equivalent to about 20% of the total households in Awaji City. The CO2 reduction effect of the project is estimated to be about 6,700 tons a year.

In addition, Hyogo Prefecture, Awaji City, Sumoto City and Minami-Awaji City are designated by the central government as a special industrial belt for regional stimulation of economic activities in line with the Awaji Environmental Futuristic Island Concept for Sustainability. Our Group is determined to promote the solar park project in order to contribute to the cause of the regional economic invigoration concept.


Outline of the Project

・   Name of Power Plant                              :  Eurus Kitaawaji Solar Park

・   Location                                                :  Ogura, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture

・   Total output                                           :  10.5MW (AC)  13.8MW(DC)

・   Module                                                  :  Multi-crystalline silicon solar modules

                                                                 (manufactured by Kyocera Corporation)