Wind Power: Requirements

The development of wind farms requires the following principal conditions.

At Least 6.5m/sec of Wind Speed

For wind power generation, it is desirable to have an average wind speed of at least 6.5m/sec.
Visual indications of approximate wind speed are given below.

Expansive Area of Land

Eurus Tomamae Wind Farm (20MW capacity; twenty 1MW turbines) currently operating in Tomamae-cho, Hokkaido, sits on 100 hectares of land. Large-scale wind power projects require an expansive area of land similar in size as the above. It should be noted that development of a wind farm can entail the acquisition of approvals, such as the change of designated use of agricultural land, the release of area designation for agriculture promotion and the development of a forest land. It is, therefore, necessary to confirm land ownership, leaseholds and any other rights attaching to a prospective site.

Roads At Least 5mWide

To transport turbine blades from a port facility to a site, roads at least 5m wide are necessary. Building new roads or widening existing roads is extremely costly.

Transmission Lines Located Nearby

Transmission of electricity from a large-scale (10-30MW) wind power generation facility requires that 60,000-volt transmission lines (or a transformer station or generation plant) be located nearby. If the distance from the wind power generation site to an electric power company’s transmission lines (approx. 60,000-volt) is too long, necessitating the installation of transmission lines and huge costs to do so, the economic viability of the project can be threatened.